Growing Your Investment

Annual Budget

What financial goals are we striving to reach by the end of the year?

Just like every other company, Vision Quest creates budgets for each property on an annual basis. What sets us apart is the detail and analysis of each budget we produce. Before you can plan for the future, you must be conscious of past events. Vision Quest reviews the prior year’s budget line item by line item in order to make the current one more accurate. By reviewing one line item at a time, Vision Quest has been able to provide extremely accurate budget forecasts.

Download our Annual Budget Example

Monthly Reporting

Are you receiving effective and owner-friendly reporting from your current property management company on a timely basis?

It’s difficult to make confident decisions about your property when you feel “left out in the dark” concerning its operations. Vision Quest provides concise and accurate monthly reporting to keep ownership involved and engaged. In general, the best managed properties are those in which management and ownership are able to communicate frequently and consistently. Vision Quest has developed reports that educate ownership without having to commit a lot of time and energy. By logging on to our website, monthly reports can be accessed by ownership at your convenience. With Vision Quest, you won’t have the unexpected surprises that can hinder both operations and relationships.

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Capital Expenditures

Are you aware of the long-term improvements that will be necessary to keep your property both functional and competitive?

Vision Quest provides a comprehensive walk through of both the interior and exterior of your property. We’ll identify necessary short term and long term improvements, which will enable ownership to understand and plan for needed cash reserves. These expenditures will be prioritized and projected over a ten-year schedule while taking into account the factor of inflation. This process empowers ownership and enables them to make educated long term decisions regarding their investment property.

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“Since Stormguard first began to work with Vision Quest Property Management in 2007, we only have good things to say about them. Our construction company re-roofed Norgard Court in Maplewood and then renovated Briarcliff Manor in Mahtomedi. Vision Quest has always been extremely easy to work with. They are friendly, easy to get along with, and have great personalities. They are always positive and make doing business easy!” Tony F.
Stormguard Restoration