Measuring Results

Annual Investment Report

Are you informed as to the current value of your investment property on an ongoing basis?

In fact, the majority of property owners don’t receive an accurate investment valuation on an annual basis. Vision Quest will monitor your investment valuation annually. We specialize in maximizing its potential through our management operations, which is reflected in the growth of your investment. We pride ourselves on creating consistent growth and continue to challenge ourselves, discovering creative ways to make your property excel in the marketplace.

How is your investment operating on a per-unit basis?

One of our most effective teaching tools is the development of a “Per Unit Analysis Report”. This report allows management to identify areas of growth potential within a property while creating goals to strive for in the future. This approach also enables owners of multiple properties to become educated in regards to the efficiency of their investments without having to commit themselves to time consuming analysis of their own.

Is my property “cash flowing”?

One would think that the answer to this question would be obvious to an owner. However, numerous factors affect the answer to this question such as net operating income, mortgage interest and principle, repair reserves, capital expenditures, and personal property funding. Identifying the cash available for distribution is powerful information for any owner and plays a key role in the long-term success of a property and an investor’s real estate portfolio.

What is my property’s debt coverage ratio?

Owners refinance property for several reasons, among them: obtaining a better interest rate, an expiring balloon mortgage, and generating cash flow. In times of “tight lending” the debt coverage ratio of a property can make or break the financing or refinancing options of a project. Vision Quest keeps debt coverage ratio management in mind at all times and regularly informs ownership of its current state.

Download our Annual Investment Report Example

“I first teamed with Vision Quest in the spring of 2005 when purchasing a senior housing property.  In the past 3 years, the value of the property has increased 187%.  I attribute this fact to Vision Quest’s creative and innovative management approach.  I am currently receiving a 16% cash return on my initial investment after debt service.” James P.
Vision Quest Client
Investment Property Owner