Partnering With Vision Quest

Market Analysis

Could you be receiving more rent for your apartment units?

The first step in “Partnering with Vision Quest” is allowing us to prepare a comprehensive market analysis not only for your property, but also your competition. It’s impossible to know if you’re receiving the proper rents until you have the appropriate information at hand. Vision Quest prides itself on delivering detailed analytical information about your property’s position in the market place.

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New Client Analysis

Is my property currently being managed efficiently?

In too many cases the answer to this question is “no”. Given the opportunity, Vision Quest will demonstrate the efficiency of our management style by way of an in-depth analysis of your current operations. Our strength lies not only in our ability to maximize your rental revenue, but also in scrutinizing your operations down to a cost-per-unit basis, which identifies excess spending within your property.

With improved operations, how much could my property be worth?

Typical property owners are unaware of the negative impact poor management has on the value of their property. For example, by simply cutting costs by $20,000 over the period of one calendar year, the value of your property would increase almost $250,000 at an 8.5% cap rate. By providing a proper market analysis and removing unnecessary expenses from your operations, Vision Quest can increase the value of your property by thousands if not millions of dollars, greatly improving your position in the marketplace.

Download our New Client Analysis Example

"Short note, to let you know how much we appreciate your Company's ability to turn around a negative culture (created by previous property managers) to a positive culture on our properties...Your personal touch in connecting with the tenants and vendors was the real reason for the turnaround. On top of all that, your ability to not just understand and identify our costs, but more importantly control our costs was a bonus." David H.
Vision Quest Client
Investment Property Owner