David H.|Vision Quest Client|Investment Property Owner

“Short note, to let you know how much we appreciate your Company’s ability to turn around a negative culture (created by previous property managers) to a positive culture on our properties…Your personal touch in connecting with the tenants and vendors was the real reason for the turnaround. On top of all that, your ability to not just understand and identify our costs, but more importantly control our costs was a bonus.”

Dawn M.|Employee|Office Manager

“When Vision Quest joined our team as our property management company we immediately had positive feedback from staff in all departments, which in turn created a successful partnership.”

David S.|Employee|Housing Director

“Vision Quest understands that competent building maintenance and a sound fiscal operation are critical, but not the only key aspects to the ongoing success of a rental property. Vision Quest has a clear understanding that residents are the lifeblood of our business, and a high degree of customer satisfaction is a top priority.”

Joe A.|Vendor|Floor to Ceiling

“Vision Quest indicated to me at our first meeting that they are very particular with, and have high standards for, work being done at their managed properties. I appreciate that quality in a management company as it only makes me work harder to ensure their satisfaction with the work we do.”

Tony F.|Vendor|Stormguard Restoration

“Vision Quest has always gone above and beyond when we’ve worked with them. They have always done more than was expected. When our company was doing work to their property, they supervised and managed the projects well by actively participating in the construction process.”

Tony F.|Vendor|Stormguard Restoration

“Since Stormguard first began to work with Vision Quest Property Management in 2007, we only have good things to say about them. Our construction company re-roofed Norgard Court in Maplewood and then renovated Briarcliff Manor in Mahtomedi. Vision Quest has always been extremely easy to work with. They are friendly, easy to get along with, and have great personalities. They are always positive and make doing business easy!”

Dawn M.|Employee|Office Manager

“Vision Quest consistently exemplifies superior communication allowing for effective collaboration and support of everyday business challenges. Vision Quest also maintains impeccable organization of all the financial aspects of our company. Spreadsheets and budgets were created for all departments allowing for maximized profits.”

Dr. Cliff L.|Vision Quest Client|Investment Property Owner

“Vision Quest has exhibited excellent qualities in dealing with tenant issues and day-to-day management of my Senior housing project and I recommend them without reservation.”

Dr. Cliff L.|Vision Quest Client|Investment Property Owner

“Vision Quest Property Management has managed my 70 unit Senior housing project since the inception of their company. The owners and employees have significant experience in financial considerations, tenant qualification and procurement, and supervision of vendors involved in project construction and rehabilitation.”

James P.|Vision Quest Client|Investment Property Owner

“I first teamed with Vision Quest in the spring of 2005 when purchasing a senior housing property.  In the past 3 years, the value of the property has increased 187%.  I attribute this fact to Vision Quest’s creative and innovative management approach.  I am currently receiving a 16% cash return on my initial investment after debt service.”